March 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,


It is great to be back on the State Board of Education! Our first meeting of the year was held on January 31, 2013 and ran through February 1, 2013 in Austin, Texas. On Friday, February 1, 2013, Governor Rick Perry brought greetings and thanked the board members for their service. The State Board of Education consists of 15 members and of these 15 members the board welcomed 8 new members, which is the biggest turnover since 1989.


New Members:

Martha Dominguez, Dist. 1; Ruben Cortez, Jr., Dist. 2; Marisa Perez, Dist. 3; Donna Bahorich, Dist. 6; Tom Maynard, Dist. 10; Tincy Miller, Dist. 12; Sue Melton, Dist. 14; Marty Rowley, Dist. 15.


Appointments and Assignments:

Barbara Cargill, Chair of the SBOE (appointed by the Governor), is up for confirmation by the Senate, and the board elected Thomas Ratliff as Vice -Chair and Mavis Knight as Secretary.


Committee assignments were counted and determined in front of the whole board.

Instruction: Maynard, Melton, Dominguez, Miller and Perez.

PSF/Finance: Hardy, Allen, Bradley, Mercer and Ratliff.

School Initiatives (Charter Schools): Bahorich, Rowley, Cargill, Cortez, and Knight.


Terms of Office:

Staggered terms with 7 members serving two-year terms and eight members serving 4-year terms.

Members drawing four-year terms: Bahorich, Cargill, Dominguez, Maynard, Melton, Mercer, Ratliff and Rowley.

Members drawing two-year terms: Allen, Bradley, Cortez, Hardy, Knight, Miller and Perez.


Topics of Interest:

  • The Permanent School Fund including finance updates on investments.
  • HB 1942, 2011 Regular Legislative Session, amending Health Education TEKS to include bullying prevention to the student expectation (first reading and filling authorization).
    • Sen. Dan Patrick, Chair of Senate Education, sent out the results of the hearing on CSCOPE.
    • Highlights: An agreement that more transparency will happen with the governing board of CSCOPE. The governing board will begin a review process with the SBOE beginning with Social Studies, removing civil or criminal penalties with the release of CSCOPE content. All CSCOPE lessons may be posted by teachers and districts, posting lesson content to their website, creating a standing curriculum review panel comprised of parents, teachers, school administrators, members of the SBOE, and TESCCC members.
    • SBOE Chair, Cargill said: “I appreciate CSCOPE’s willingness to address concerns brought to light recently. The SBOE looks forward to working with them to resolve these issues, so CSCOPE can remain a useful tool for participating school districts.”
  • Proclamation 2015 discussion begins: Social Studies, Math, and Fine Arts.
  • Other issues of concern: SB6, 2011 Regular Legislative Session, which weakened Texas’ review and adoption process of textbooks by allowing state funds to bypass the SBOE rigorous adopting process, creating no transparency and no provision for easy public access or input.




The next board meeting will take place April 17-19, 2013.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions or





Geraldine “Tincy” Miller

(972) 419-4000 (w)